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The Global Computer, Internet and video games spread, seemed, had to overcome the traditional card and board games. We were waiting, that they completely disappear. However, the opposite happened - as the board games become more popular, more and more of them occur in our house, we spend more time playing them. What are the reasons for forcing us to do so?

- First of all, it's simple form of communication that allows people to communicate free, even if you were not friends before.
- Second - Games abolish age differences. They allow to sit down together at one table for young and old, parents and children, and this,   we have to admit, became a very rare phenomenon.
- Thirdly - it is a great school of life, which helps develop memory, develop and implement strategies learn to negotiate, win, lose...
- Fourth - it's a simple way to test a new role specialization - to be military commander, the pirate, investor, entrepreneur, negotiator ... It   really helps you relax after a stressful day at work.
- And the fifth -it is a fun and enjoyable pastime. Even if you don't win, you tell yourself - I'll have a better luck next time!